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From September 1st 2021 onwards, when applying for recognition and validation of a foreign school qualification, you are not required to pay an administrative fee on request, nor are you required to enclose a certificate of payment of an administrative fee or a certificate of exemption from administrative fees.

Type of education


Step 1

Recognition purpose


Step 2

Required documentation
and important notes


Step 3

Administrative fee payment


Step 4

Application form and
address for delivery


Step 5

Duration of the procedure


Step 6

To access the recognition procedure questionnaire, please put yout phone/tablet to 'landscape' mode.

Which level of education have you completed abroad?

e.g. primary education in total duration of 8 or 9 years.

e.g. general/language grammar school or secondary school of music.

1 to 6 years of vocational education resulting (mostly) in a certain qualification/occupation - e.g. economist or motor vehicle driver.

master craftsman’s exam after which master craftsman’s qualification is acquired – e.g. Master craftsman-car mechanic or master craftsman–cook.

education level above secondary, that requires completion of secondary level education, but is not considered as tertiary education.

education level acquired by completion of a higher education program – e.g. Masters of Business Administration degree or graduate engineer of electrical engineering.

e.g. vocational training program for baker or course for bartender.

acquired by completion of formal education and professional training, i.e. by possessing a certain level of professional experience – e.g. nurse or primary and secondary school teacher.


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